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Dr. Luca Maria Pinoli

My name is Luca Maria Pinoli, I am 59 years old, I graduated in Medicine and Surgery since March 1986.
I then specialized in Pavia in 1990 in Odontostomatology and since then I have been practicing in the private sector.
Over the past 30 years I have had the good fortune to be able to know and attend the most prestigious names of Italian dentistry, from the school of Saluzzo, with the masters De Chiesa, Pescarmona, Vergnano, from whom I learned conservative, aesthetics, the total prosthesis, then Lorenzo Vanini, who I joined for many years at his Studio di S Fedele, then my great master Roberto Pontoriero, who taught me the fundamental concepts of periodontal surgery, the rigor of protocol and sequentiality, the great prosthetic Dr.Fradeani, excellence in dental aesthetics, the master Tiziano Testori, for 30 years reference in Implant Surgery, the great Prof Martignoni, absolute excellence in prosthetics, and many other teachers who have made me grow over the years, giving me the whole they know.

In 2011 a "fortuitous" meeting, during my short experience at Palermo football with Dr Sclauzero, opened up to me a way unknown until then, that of OMOTOSSYCHOLOGY. Since then it has been a frenetic succession of knowledge and exciting studies, first the AMIOT school of Homotoxicology, then the Master at the G .Marconi University, a Master in Sports Medicine (SANIS), a Master's degree in Milan, and then again a Master in Gastroenterology in the field of Homotoxicology, Abni courses for biologists and nutritionists and gradually seminars, congresses and courses regarding nutrition, nutrition, and finally, or to begin with, enrollment in the Master of Science in Human Nutrition course, in short I have expanded my medical landscape in the direction of a person-centered medicine.

It is no longer possible today to apply the same protocols to all patients, who we have before must be placed in the current context, in its pathological state referred to its history from the moment of the manifestation to the evolution of the pathology, and not framed in a hypothetical case series of evolution of the disease.

The patient is not a percentage nor a copy of other diseases, it is a well-defined entity, palpable (you have to go from a Hi teck diagnosis to a Hi touch), it is he with his illness and nobody else.

The success of many therapies today is due to the attention we place on the individual seen as a balanced ecosystem, and not as an entity in itself, and in this our gut plays a very important role. Today the study of MICROBIOTICS, and MICROBIOMA, has risen to a fundamental role in the etiopathogenesis of various diseases, or rather its dysregulation, definable with the term Dysbiosis, leads us to know and then to treat diseases such as Crohn's disease, Rettocolitis ulcerative, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the Metabolic Syndrome, once confined to being classified as incurable, given their "chronicity".

A qualitative and quantitative disturbance of intestinal colonization is associated with alteration of the immune response, but this is only one of the many knowledge that we can now use to read the pathology of the patient.

Prematurity, low neonatal weight, preeclampsia can now be made with certainty in relation to periodontal diseases of the mother, changes in body weight as well as disorders of the autistic spectrum are now linked to a state of dysbiosis, manifested in the first few months of pregnancy, or within the first three years, when (randomness?) the development of the brain, the immune system and the microbiota is completed ...