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The contact with the patient is the first and most important step to be able to know him and for this reason at the First Visit, listening to the patient has become for me the cementing means, the connection with his Being, His request.

Listening, physical contact, dialogue, visit, diagnostic tests, are part of a first visit that must create the establishment of a deep relationship with the patient, and as my Master says, Prof Marco del Prete from that moment on with the patient I navigate on sight, I follow him step by step in the direction of healing, I support him in therapy and care.

I put a lot of attention to the Nutritional aspect, fundamental for me in every area, both from the causal and therapeutic point of view, I try to bring the patient towards a better lifestyle for him, I teach him about the choice of food limit and learn how to manage, new and healthy.

The triangle, Nutrition, Movement and Psyche are the three fundamental points on which to work, each of them closely related, the state of health derives from their balance and the removal of the mistakes that we have been dragging on for some time.
In this context it is of great importance to investigate the situation of the patient's ENTEROMA (Bacteria, Virus and Fungus); its subversion is the often primary cause of pathologies; only by modifying the "lifestyle" and its microbiota (with prebiotics, probiotics, symbiotics, feeding, movement, lowering of stress ...) it is possible to intervene effectively.

We and the bacteria that populate our body share 38% of the genes, and from this consideration comes the importance of sharing with them our state of health in bringing back the patient's Enteroma towards a condition of right balance, hence very often systemic health conditions are recreated to date completely unknown, both in the metabolic, allergic, autoimmune and degenerative fields.
In the field of common sense and maximum respect for the use of allopathic "lifesaving" drugs, where allowed, we limit the use of all those categories of which today we make a great and useless abuse, with therapies now extended by infinite times. , more harmful than useful.
Based on these assumptions, the use of integrated therapies supports an integrative and interdisciplinary therapeutic concept, in the complementarity of a new scientific paradigm, based no longer on supposed hypotheses but on scientific research and widely documented clinical studies.
OMOTOSSYCHOLOGY, LOW DOSE MEDICINE, SIGNAL MEDICINE, through the use of neuromediators, neuropeptides, hormones, messenger molecules, opens up a way of operating much wider than allopathic medicine has taught us.

Biomedical sciences have been subject to a major revolution in the last 10 years, and advances in biotechnology, supported by massive growth in computational resources, have produced tremendous wealth in terms of data at all levels of biological organization. The total understanding of biological functions emerges only if one is able to integrate every single relevant information at a different level of molecular organization to recreate dynamic interactions.

Research computational models are a powerful tool for understanding molecular processes as they represent a point of connection between laboratory experiments and theoretical approaches.

Regarding the diagnostic aspect, I also use electromedical equipment, in reference to the concept that the Health status corresponds not only to the biochemical balance of the Body, as taught by Academic Medicine, but also and above all to the electric balance of this, as Quantico-Informational Medicine teaches us, supported by Biophysics.
These devices have as a common denominator the use of non-invasive techniques, totally free of side effects. The diagnostics must therefore not only be chemistry (blood chemistry tests) but also electromagnetic.

The BFB (BIO FEED BACK) device, for example, is an innovative tool that examines this electrical balance (or energy homeostasis) in a simple, precise and fast way, providing important indications on:
  • vital capacity
  • presence of functional and organic alterations
  • oxidative stress
  • overall index of functional congruence of the Body
It is also possible to perform a biological tolerance test for the substances to be taken:
  • alimony
  • drugs
  • cosmetics
  • natural products (homeopathic and phytotherapeutic)
  • dental or surgical prostheses
The organism possesses essentially at least four regulatory systems to synchronize and manage all biological functions: vascular, nervous, vegetative hormonal and psycho-emotional

The HRVZ (HART RATE VARIABIITY) device evaluates the efficiency of these systems and provides an overall indication of the state of health of the body. To do this, HRVZ starts from the measurement of the heartbeat (measured for three minutes) using two spring electrodes to be affixed to the patient's wrists.
This diagnostic technique is increasingly widespread in the world also at the hospital level and is an important aid to the clinic also for the possibility of testing the therapies (pharmacological or natural) that you intend to administer to the patient.

The MPH (MAGNETO PHORESIS) device Produces informational electromagnetic fields to stimulate areas or points of the skin that activate the organism's biological and repairing functions.
This type of therapy is based on the concept, developed by Biophysics, of mass / energy equivalence: with appropriate and complex equipment the energy emitted by the various therapeutic substances (natural or synthetic) is measured and stored in the form of biophotons in a handheld. These biophotons (equivalent to various substances) are amplified by MPH and used in therapy (according to therapeutic schemes codified in the extensive illustrative material supplied).

MPH finds the main applications in:
  • dietetics
  • physiatry
  • orthopedics
  • complementary medicine (homotoxicology, acupuncture, etc.)
  • aesthetic medicine
  • pain therapy
  • dermatology
Recently released MPH-MPM (MAGNETIC PHOTON MODULATOR) which transforms the acoustic sequence of Fibonacci, through TABLET, in an electrical sequence, which is applied by coil to the patient's algic point, transforms the biophotonic signal into a therapeutic act, in the patient presenting inflammatory states , or needing to be "aligned" to pharmacological treatments, preparing the ground for therapy.